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Congratulations, bride-to-be! They popped the big question, you are engaged!

Let the wedding planning commence! We know how many things you'll have to begin researching between now and that special day, and we are here to make it that much easier! Don't worry, just grab yourself an iced coffee or a glass of wine and come sit down with us!

Here is a step-by-step guide on diving into one of the most critical components; your dream dress!

  • Research bridal shops (budget, style, shop aesthetics, etc).

  • Narrow down list to one or two shops

  • Decide who you plan to include

  • Book appointments

  • Social media for shop or in general for pictures

  • Self care, rest, eat, have FUN!

  • RESEARCH BRIDAL SHOPS (Budget, Style, Shop Aesthetics, etc.)

The first thing that we recommend to ensure your dream dress shopping is as easy and

breezy as can be is to decide on a budget for your gown. This will be key in narrowing down your options as you start to build a list of the top bridal shops you want to visit!

You can begin to form this list in a number of ways! Most bridal shops have listings on google that will link you to their websites, which can then lead you to their social media for a more in depth look at what they have to offer. You can enter key terms into the search engine that most resonate with what you're looking for, in order to have the most compatible recommendations! For example, if you are looking for boho gowns, a good thing to search would be "bridal shops with boho gowns" or "boho bridal shops", or perhaps you want a specific size range, a search like "bridal shops with 'x' size range" would be a phenomenal way to start introducing yourself to the vast world of bridal shops and everything they have to offer!


Once you have compiled your list, it’s now time to narrow it down. If only it were possible to visit them all! We suggest booking an appointment at one or two of your top shop picks, so as to not get overwhelmed on the day you begin your search.

One of the best ways we recommend narrowing down your list in order to decide which shops to book at first is, based on your research, deciding which shops you feel a connection with. Whether because of the people who work there resonate with you, what kind of services they offer are aligned with your needs, or even taking an in depth look at the reviews to see what other people have to say about their time at the shop. Testimonials are one of the most authentic ways to provide you with insight to what kind of total experience you can expect while at a shop.


You’ve done your research, you have narrowed down your list, and now comes a pretty significant consideration; Who are you going to be bringing along with you on your big day of dream dress shopping?

This is something that has a lot of nuance, but we want to give you some general suggestions to help you make the most of your shopping experience. We are sure that there are many people that you would love to include in this special moment, but we do recommend limiting your guests to a few key people. Bringing along a larger party can quickly become overwhelming when making such a big and important decision. Limiting the amount of people you bring can help foster a more authentic and stress free experience for a bride. You want this to be as fun and still focused as possible!


Okay, we know this sounds self-explanatory, but let us explain! Booking appointments is the best way to ensure that you are guaranteed a full experience at the shops you’ve chosen to visit.

Walk-In’s are often available at many boutiques and shops, but that is also dependent on many external factors. Sometimes there may not be appointments available, or adequate rooms and consultants available that coincide with what you need. The safest way to eliminate those risks is to book appointments ahead of time. After you and your group have decided on a date for when you want to shop, we recommend getting online first to see if each specific store has their booking procedure listed, and if not or otherwise directed, shoot them a call or email to get your appointment booking process started. Always make sure you receive confirmation for your appointments! Typically upon confirmation, most bridal shops will include or provide you with some form of their appointments procedures and policies, and overall etiquette. This is important to know because it differs from shop to shop, and can really lend to your overall experience to be prepared for prior to arrival.


Your appointments are all booked and confirmed, and it’s getting closer to that exciting day. One of the last things we recommend brides do prior to their bridal appointments is to get on pinterest or even the shop’s specific instagram and begin to save some photos of what you are looking for or interested in for reference.

Having reference photos is helpful for both the bride and the consultant whom you'll be working with, because it eliminates confusion and gives clear visual communication of your ideas! It is absolutely not required, but we have found it makes for a much more efficient process for all parties involved. A good foundational basis to build your appointment off of.


Again, we know, self-explanatory! But sometimes in the midst of all the planning chaos, the essentials can slip through! Don’t forget to take care of yourself physically prior to your appointments.

Self-care can really make your day that much less stressful. We highly recommend showering the morning of your appointments as you’ll be getting in and out of gowns, making sure you get plenty of rest the night before, and making sure you eat either before or during the day so you are at your best for finding your dream dress! The most important thing we want to remind you, is to HAVE FUN! This day doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming, and even if you're a little nervous, know that we are all here to help make everything as easy and breezy as can be.

We hope this guide can help even just one bride have a more efficient and stress-free dress shopping experience. It is because of all of you, that we get to do what we love every single day. Congratulations again, and best wishes on your wedding journey!!

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