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For most brides, your wedding gown will be the single most expensive garment that you’ll ever purchase. Not only that, but the sentimental value itself? Absolutely priceless! It’s one of the most special items that you’ll get to keep from that unforgettable day, and you’ll want to have it as a precious physical memory for you, your loved ones and future generations to come! Preserving your wedding gown after your wedding day will allow you to do just that.

So how exactly do you preserve your wedding gown? Don’t worry, we have made it extremely simple for anyone who is interested! In our boutique, we sell Wedding Gown Preservation Kits. This all-inclusive kit includes a step by step process and all the materials you will need to both prep your dress and be able to ship it out to be preserved!

To give you even more insight to what it is you’d be getting with one of these brilliant kits, we have included a video that goes more in depth about how wedding gown cleaning and preservation works.

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