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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

No two brides are the same, and why would they be? No two people are the same, we are as dynamic and unique as can be! Here at BoChic Bridal Boutique, we love talking with all of our brides and hearing about how they would describe their personal style and who they are. Learning about our brides really is an awesome way for us to better help them find a gown that not only looks beautiful on them, but celebrates their uniqueness so they feel like themselves still, too.

For the Boho Bride:

The boho bride is the bride who isn’t afraid to be different! They prefer it, in fact. This bride gravitates towards earthy colors , untamed bouquets, and one of a kind creative details. They tend to be more free-spirited, and they want a dress that compliments and highlights that fact! A bride who is boho would love this fitted gown from Cizzy Bridal. This stunning gown features a subtle fit & flare silhouette that is incredibly flattering, an iconic detailed lace and fun off the shoulder flowy sleeves. Perfect for the free-spirited boho bride!


For the Classic Bride:

The Classic bride is exactly what the name describes: classic. This bride is proud to uphold the beauty in tradition, and enjoys a timeless look that they can look back on in appreciation in years to come. They don’t care much for following trends, they gravitate towards black & white or navys and petal pinks, peonies or roses & carnations, and sophisticated details. The classic bride tends to gravitate towards gowns that are clean cut and with clean fabrics, often in ivory satin or crepe. One example of a gown that we think the classic bride would love is this Mikado ball gown from Martin Thornburg! This elegant and modern ball gown features a sweeping full skirt and cathedral train that is guaranteed to be classically unforgettable.

Another example could be this stunning crepe gown from our private collection. This sophisticated high neck ensemble includes a figure-flattering fitted silhouette and sexy mesh side panels cut out to give this classic gown a fun modern twist. Whether satin, crepe or mikado, your classic bride is guaranteed to exude effortless and timeless beauty.


For the Glam Bride:

The glam bride is all about everything luxury and drama! Think big and bold, in every way. This bride enjoys extravagance and upholds a “more is more” mentality, something we absolutely love! The more extra, the better! You’ll see this bride leaning towards true Black Tie etiquette , larger than life decor, and opulent details. Monochromatic color palettes, formal dress-code, and lusciously full blooms all over are just some of the things that you can see this bride enjoying. A gown perfect for the glam bride is “Branson” from Martin Thornburg. This gown is a show-stopper with a deep-plunge sweetheart neckline, corseted bodice to cinch in the waist and accentuate this figure's flattering hourglass shape, and intricately detailed beaded Schiffli lace. A gown guaranteed to wow the glam bride and turn heads!


For the Vintage Bride:

The vintage bride is your perfect balance of modern and classic. When you talk to a vintage bride, you learn that she enjoys paying homage to decades of the past. Your vintage bride is incredibly creative, and loves to be able to celebrate history while having room for interpretation to personalize even more. You tend to see a lot of unique kinds of elements honored from many past decades. Whether the roaring 20s or the rock n roll era of the 50s, your vintage bride knows how to both be an old and new soul. The main aspects you'll see come together in this kind of theme are a seamless blend of old and new elements for a touch that is fun and classic, simultaneously. A gown that we think fits the vintage bride is this gorgeous beaded gown from Wedding Societe. This incredible gown is a v-neck plunge with edgy lined detailed lace, and daringly fun split. For your vintage bride looking to be modern and classic, this would be an absolute showstopper.


For the Romantic Bride:

The romantic bride values understated beauty, elegance and all things whimsical! When you picture a romantic bride, you can envision your true Romeo and Juliet style. What is more romantic than two humans coming together in love and matrimony? This bride loves all kinds of meaningful details, symbolism, and elements of traditionalism. Think soft, twinkling lights, woodland inspired details, and unique details like the family blessing the rings. Cascading blooms, chandeliers, flowing fabrics. The personification of romance is the romantic bride. A gown that we envision the romantic bride in is one from our private collection that has soft tulle details like bell sleeves, spaghetti straps and subtle glitter all throughout. This gown hits the waist in a super flattering point covered in floral lace, and flows down in a gentle a-line silhouette. Perfect for a romantic bride who wants to focus on the meaning behind the evening while feeling secure in how beautiful they are.


No matter what kind of bride that you are, no matter what kind of style you seek? Know that there is a dress out there for you. Here at BoChic where we look to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, our consultants will listen to you and learn about you so that when you do say Yes to the Dress? You can trust it’ll be one that you look absolutely beautiful in, and feel like yourself. So that you can spend that special evening focused on all the sentiment and love you're surrounded by.

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