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One of our favorite trends that is happening right now is how much color is being incorporated into modern weddings! Of course you will always have your tried and true neutrals and the always elegant black and white themes, but color has come and taken the bridal world by storm! Palettes in a variety of shades are being used for everything from bountiful floral arrangements to delicate colorful lace in weddings gowns and veils. Adding color to what is a traditonally ivory and white realm allows for deeper story telling and more rich and vibrant memories to look back on. Here are some of our favorite ways color is being incorporated into modern weddings!


COLORFUL WEDDINGS DRESSES: At the top of our list is none other than of course colorful wedding dresses! Whether it is a dress in a light whimsical color like baby pink or blue, or intricate colorful floral lace adorning a gown, we are absolutely in love with this fun and unique way of livening up a wedding dress and stepping out of the traditional just ivory or white or even neutral underlay. Like this gown pictured that we carry at our boutique from our private collection. A breath taking full a-line with tulle wrapped bodice adorned in delicate colorful floral lace. You can add an ivory veil and feminine jewelry to make it more formal or you can go all out and wear a matching colorful veil; which just so happens to be next on our list!

COLORFUL VEILS & ACCESSORIES: Say you didn't want to lose the beauty that comes with the tradition of wearing an ivory or white gown on your wedding day, but you still wanted to do something different and add a fun whimsical twist to your look. Something we are seeing brides do more and more is add a veil that has colorful lace or even gloves to create that extra unique pop! This veil is one that matches the gown we showcased above and is drama in the best kind of way! You could always do boldly colored statement jewelry or a funky colored shoe to create a fun pop as well. No matter what you do, just know your photos will be rich and vibrant, and you'll be glad you had the best of both worlds for your big day.

BRIGHT COLORED FLOWERS: We have all seen stunning weddings that are filled to the brim with gorgeous arrangements of white flowers and thoughtful greenery. You even often see pallets that include shades of pink, red, and soft blues. Something absolutely gorgeous that we have seen recently are more dynamic arrays of colors being used for the floral arrangements at weddings. Centerpieces spilling over in carefully placed rainbows of color, bouquets that look like summer and spring personified! It is such a brilliant way of telling a story and making your day that much more dynamic and unforgettable.

COLORFUL DECOR: Last but certainly not least is probably the most versatile of our list today; simply adding colorful decor throughout your big day! You could start with colorful invitations, to creatively placed colorful carpets in the venue, hanging lights and intricate streamers in bright shades, vases, napkins, gift-bags to send home! You name it, and you can add a fun pop of color to you day with a funky twist in the decor! We suggest disposal cameras that you pass out to your guests and collect at the end of the day for even more intimate and unique moments captured and memories to cherish.


Whether it be in your dress, flowers, or throughout your venue, there are so many amazing ways that color can be and has been being incorporated into weddings. It is a trend that we love and can't wait to help bring to our brides on their special day as well. Make sure that you are following us on Instagram and TikTok for behind the scenes and in depth looks at our gowns, and don't forget to book your appointment with us when you are ready to say yes to the dress!

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