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Purchasing a wedding dress is an exciting and big moment in a brides wedding planning journey. There is so much fun tradition in going to a bridal boutique and getting to try on wedding gowns for the first time, surrounded by loved ones who's insight matter most. With the emergence of online shopping, many brides are opting to skip wedding dress shopping in-store and purchasing online. Though we understand the convenience, we have to say there is something uniquely special in the moment during a bridal appointment when a bride finds "the one" and gets to share in that memory with some of their most important people. We think it is important to shop with small and local bridal boutiques for a plethora of reasons, that beautiful moment when a bride says "YES to the dress" is simply one of the top.

Getting married is a beautiful and truly special moment in a persons life. Deciding to have a wedding and then embarking on the journey of wedding planning can be tedious, but we think it is still so important to enjoy it as much as is possible! Having a fun filled day where the focus is all on the bride while they search for their dream dress accompanied by their loved ones is an unmatched experience. There are feelings of joy and so many other emotions. Brides even return with the same loved ones when it is their time to dress shop, making it a full-circle moment for everyone. It is a moment and memory that is lifelong and that is definitely something to be missed when deciding to shop online vs in-store at a local boutique.

Another major bonus of not just buying a wedding dress in-store but shopping small and local as a whole is that you truly are giving back to the local community and your neighbors when you choose to do so. When you shop small and local businesses as opposed to large conglomerates you are not just buying a product, but you are strengthening the local economy as well. A win for everyone involved!

One of the other major upsides of choosing to shop local bridal boutiques is that you get a personalized and more thorough purchasing experience. A kind and knowledgeable consultant, combined with an up-close look at the gorgeous selection of gowns and their intricate details and structure creates a more personal shopping experience. A bride will get the most accurate information and idea of what their gown will look like for their big day when they get to go try them on in person and work with a bridal-consultant throughout the entirety of their appointment. Personal recommendations paired with expert guidance along with a private and uplifting environment can be quite helpful.

Last but most certainly not least on our list of reasons why we think brides should shop local when purchasing a wedding dress is because of just how important a role their dress will play in their big day. A bride deserves to feel confident, not just in appearance but in the purchase they make. Choosing to purchase online can be a major risk. Pictures and videos are brilliant tools, but can only provide so much insight as to what a dress will actually look and feel like on their wedding day. In worst-case-scenarios, shopping online can leave a bride scrambling for a solution when what they ordered arrives incorrect or doesn't arrive at all. Getting to touch and try on a gown, work with store associates in person and get up-close with all a gowns details? Provides unparalleled security.

When a bride shops local for their wedding dress, they end up with a much more well-rounded experience. It is fun, exciting, emotional, and special. They get the most thorough insight and information to make their big decision off of, and it can be gathered first-hand. There is much less second-guessing and risk involved. It is also more than just making another purchase, it directly impacts and helps strengthen the local community and its economy. Don't forget that most importantly, the bride who shops in store has an opportunity to include some of her valuable people and create a lifelong memory with them that is full of joy, love and support. We love our brides who shop with us here at BoChic and we are so grateful that they allow us the opportunity to do what we love to do every single day. Make sure to follow us on our social media like Instagram and TikTok and book your appointment now to create your own magical memory.

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