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Here at BoChic Bridal Boutique we understand that love is as unique as all of our brides! We care little for following the status quo and want to ensure that any kind of human who walks through our doors is met with as much excitement, respect, and commitment to top tier service as possible.

Last year when the world started to reopen again after so much was postponed due to Covid-19, our owner, Manal Shteiwi, was approached by a producer looking for a bridal boutique to work with for a film opportunity. The production would be for none other than the show “Love After Lockup”. “Love After Lockup” is a reality show about couples who’ve met through prison dating websites and what their life together is like once they are released from incarceration. The show became a word-of-mouth success and thus “Life After Lockup” was created, which is a spin-off series that follows some of the main show’s characters who are still together or connected in some way.

Enter BoChic. We were able to provide the bride, Sara, with an authentic dress pick-up appointment, all while getting to form a genuine connection with her and her mother while they were in the boutique. It is very important that we uplift and support every guest that we get to service. We want to hear about you and what ways we can help ensure that you have the best experience possible while you are visiting with us. From our warm and welcoming atmosphere all the way to our dynamic and diverse guests, BoChic Bridal Boutique is a space where love is love. And we love getting to do what we do!

If you want to check us out on Life After Lockup, check the link below! Feel free to binge the series or skip ahead to where we make our television debut!

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