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Establishing a budget is probably one of the first things that you will do when you begin planning for your special day. There are so many different elements of wedding planning and many different things that will need to be paid for. It's never the most fun part of wedding planning but it is one of the most important parts. So working together with your fiancé and potentially a wedding planner to breakdown all the costs and set guidelines for your budget will be extremely helpful as you move forward in the planning process.

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When you decide to establish your budget, one of the costs you'll want to discuss is your wedding gown budget. Setting this budget will help streamline the process of researching wedding-dress boutiques to shop at, and will help any consultant you work with during your dress shopping process better assist you in finding the perfect dream dress for you.

On average, wedding dresses in the U.S. range from $1,700-$2,500. When you are deciding what your budget is for your dream dress this can be helpful insight to consider. There are also many boutiques where you are able to purchase gorgeous wedding gowns for considerably less, and also considerably more, as well. Once you do decide what exactly your budget is for your wedding dress, you can then research wedding dress boutiques with price ranges that are in alignment with your goals. Price point information should be readily accesible for you on most wedding dress store websites, but in the case that it is not, we strongly encourage you to call and inquire about the range of any store you are interested in shopping at prior to making an appointment. Narrowing down your list of bridal boutiques based upon your pre-established budget will further make your wedding dress process that much more enjoyable. You'll be able to make appointments at shops that offer exactly what you're looking for and have helpful information to communicate to your bridal stylist who will be able to pull the absolute best dresses for you based on your preferences!

No matter what budget you set for your wedding dress, there is a gorgeous one out there for you! Setting a budget can feel intimidating, but once you do set it your wedding planning process will be much more efficient and pleasant for you. You'll be able to communicate this to wedding professionals who will help you find options that are in alignment with what you are looking for and already be aware of what you expect to pay for those products and services. That way you'll be fully present during your shopping/planning experiences and enjoy them that much more!

Be sure to check out our website,, for in depth information on our processes and price-ranges. You'll also be able to browse our inventory, read through frequently asked questions, and use the self-scheduler on our appointment booking page to select the date and time that work best for your party, along with getting confirmation instantly to your email upon booking! Check out our social media like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok for more behind the scenes looks at what we have to offer and stay up to date on our latest events. We look forward to helping you say "YES!" to your dream dress!


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