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BoChic Bridal Boutique is amongst one of the top rated wedding dress boutiques in the Reading Bridal District. Established in 2017, BoChic Bridal is a woman owned and operated wedding fashion business with a passion for all things unique at its core. No matter where you are from, what kind of personal style you embody, or how you want to feel and look on your special day, BoChic has something for you. Offering 90 minute bridal appointments where you work one-on-one with a knowledgable and welcoming bridal consultant, at BoChic we strive to ensure the bride is our top priority during each visit. There are many reasons why BoChic Bridal Boutique should be added to the top of your list of stores to visit while shopping in the Reading Bridal District.



One of the best reasons why a bride should highly consider booking a bridal appointment at BoChic Bridal is because we are home to a dynamic variety of gowns that are hand selected right off the runway by our owner, and are exclusive to BoChic in Cincinnati and the state of Ohio. Gowns from designers such as Martin Thornburg and Zavana Bridal, in vast silhouettes, colors, and styles. We also can't help but to mention the exciting fact that BoChic Bridal Boutique also works with a private design house to bring exclusive gowns specifically to our boutique. At BoChic we recognize how unique and special each and every bride is, and we want the gown that they decide to say "YES" to, be one that is as special and personal to them as can be. From simple and classic designs that can be made your own in little ways to intricately designed gowns that make a statement from the first glance, BoChic is proud to help honor and highlight the YOU in YOU.


The most important part of what we get to do is help Brides, in any facet. Whether it be with comforting and supportive pep talks in the privacy of the fitting room or by ensuring the focus is on the bride throughout the appointment so as to better allow her to feel confident about the decision she is making. We know firsthand how much goes into planning a wedding, and how important the dress will be to celebrating that beautiful day. Our goal is to support and guide each bride through their wedding dress try on process by throughly listening and asking questions to narrow down and select the best options to be tried on, and also answering any questions that may come up along the way as the bride is learning more about what they like and dislike. We understand how important not only the day of the wedding is, but how a part of that is the wedding dress try-on appointments and our dedicated bridal consultants are committed to making that process as efficient and still fun as possible.


Being a smaller boutique allows BoChic Bridal to offer a level of privacy and intimacy that can be essential in feeling comfortable and confident in making such an important and impactful decision like which dress you will say "YES" to. It can become overwhelming trying on so many different gowns, both physically and mentally. Your bridal consultant will help to ease the process, but you will also be able to appreciate the comfort that is brought through the culture and environment of the store. Trying on clothing in general can be a very vulnerable experience and we recognize the trust that is involved when working with a personal stylist to help get in and out of gowns. We are woman owned and operated, with a strong sense of respect at our core. BoChic Bridal Boutique respects your autonomy, privacy and personal experience. Our boutique is inviting, intimately designed, and full of caring people who are driven by inclusivity and exceptional customer service.


BoChic Bridal Boutique is not only home to some of the most gorgeous one-of-a-kind gowns in the Tri-State, but also brings things like versatile flower-girl dresses, an array of belts and veils in different styles, jewelry from designer Olive & Piper and not to mention a selection of gifts for the bride like "BRIDE" dressing robes, garter sets or even our BRIDEBOX which includes things like a "BRIDE" robe ( of which you get to pick the size), a custom BoChic Bridal Boutique liquid lipstick in a shade of your choice, a $50 gift certificate which can be used towards the purchase of their gown, and more fun and thoughtful gifts for the bride. After your big day you can also come back to the boutique and purchase a Wedding Gown Preservation kit that is complete with detailed instructions and everything you need to send your gown away to one of the leading wedding gown preservation companies, who more than 3 million brides have entrusted with the honor of preserving their special gowns for a lifetime of safety and enjoyment since 1913.


More than just a store-front in which brides get to come try on gowns, BoChic Bridal Boutique is a family, a collection of people from vast backgrounds coming together to both make dreams come true and have their dreams made. Our BoChic Bride's are just as much a part of BoChic as our team, and we couldn't and wouldn't be here without all of them. Each bride who comes into our door, whether they say "YES" or not, is someone who we respect and appreciate for giving us the opportunity to do what we love to do every single day. Our goal is to not only bring our brides the latest and greatest in bridal fashion, but build a connection with them. The brides who do say "YES TO THE DRESS" become people who we create bonds with that last for years and years, staying in touch on social media and getting to share in memories with. It is even more special when our brides refer their loved ones to come visit our boutique as well. We really feel a part of the family, and we hope our brides feel the same!


Are you ready to say "YES TO THE DRESS" ?! Well we at BoChic Bridal Boutique are ready to help you! Make sure to follow us on all of our social media to check out the latest and greatest in BoChic news, and to join our ever growing family. Let's get you booked NOW!


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