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The Reading Bridal District is your destination shopping district. It doesn't matter if you are a local just looking for some delicious sweet treats, or coming from miles away to hunt for your dream wedding gown, the RBD has everything you could need to plan your big day. The Reading Bridal District (RBD) is a collection of over 40 wedding-related shops within a two-mile walking radius.

Brides from all over choose to come shop in the RBD because of how convenient it is to have access to everything they could potentially need for planning their special day all in one space. Because we know a bride and their entourage may even have a full day of shopping ahead of them, we have gone ahead and compiled a list of the best coffee shops in or near the RBD as who wouldn't need or want a little pick-me-up to make the day run even that much more smooth!

First on our list is none other than the cutest pink building in Reading, Bitter Sweet! Bitter Sweet is a crepery that offers sweet and savory crepes, coffee, smoothies and other baked treats! If you are looking for a delicious drink whether it be a latte or a fresh smoothie or you are wanting a quick treat to fuel your day of shopping, Bitter Sweet is the place for you! Open 7am-3pm Monday through Saturday!

Small business, big heart is the motto behind WyCoCo! At Wyoming Community Coffee they want to know your name, story, and your family! They want you to relax & enjoy high-quality, locally-sourced goods. Wyoming Community Coffee strives to create a strong sense of community and uses really good coffee to do so. Close to the RBD, definitely a place to stop on your way in or out!

A staple in the RBD is none other than the one and only Tres Belle! Tres Belle has been one of Cincinnati's leading cake specialists for 20 years now. Tres Belle Cakes is a woman owned small business known for our award winning wedding cakes and custom desserts for every occasion. Stop in to Très Belle Cakes for breakfast treats, a sweet snack, or a freshly brewed coffee or espresso. 

Not far from the RBD on Reading Road is Adesso Coffee, a space that honors coffee as a daily ritual. "Enjoying the moment that we’re in, appreciating the thing before us and simply unplugging from all the distractions we have in our days is a big part of what I want to accomplish through my art and what I hope to accomplish through Adesso coffee." Perfect for unwinding after a day of wedding planning!

Last but most certainly not least on our list is the one-of-a-kind Proud Hound Coffee! Proud Hound believe's that you should be "loved, honored, and seen for the loyal, dignified creature you are." They roast their coffee for the purpose of connecting you to the world. Proud Hound is a short drive from the RBD, great for food and a delicious beverage if you have a gap between appointments!

Of course you can always get a Dunkin' drink or a quick cup of McCafe coffee, but if you want to enhance your wedding planning experience, use these phenomenal spaces as a resource to be able find a yummy pick-me-up as you spend the day in the bridal district with your entourage or to meet up with an event planner or just by yourself to organize your thoughts while fueling your body and revitalizing your brain while you plan.

Make sure to follow us on all of our social media like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok for more behind the scenes and in-depth looks at what we have to offer. We share our latest and greatest along with need-to-know tips and tricks to better enhance your wedding dress shopping experience. Book your appointment to try on wedding dresses now using this link, we can't wait to hero you find your dream dress, just don't forget to set your delicious coffee down while you browse those gorgeous gowns!

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