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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Marriage and the wonderful world of weddings has a long and diverse history, one that is colorful and increasingly progressive like the world we exist in. In modern times, weddings can look like almost anything you desire, but there are also a lot of traditional elements that continue to be prevalent in such meaningful ways. There is endless beauty in putting emphasis on the union that is being made during marriage, and choosing to focus on the inner worlds and values of the families being joined during a traditional wedding ceremony. Here at BoChic, we love that we have the ability to be able to service and work with such a diverse collective of brides, and choosing to offer modest gowns for the bride’s seeking gowns that honor their values and traditions is something that is very important to us.

BoChic Bridal Boutique is the only bridal shop in Cincinnati who offer styles from Modest by Mon Cheri. This bridal collection strives to bring modest wedding dresses to brides that honor their traditions, values, and integrity. With designs from classic gowns to free-spirited bohemian styles, Modest by Mon Cheri takes into consideration the bride’s modest sensibilities while showcasing their femininity and letting their personality shine.

All gowns from the Modest collection come “Temple Ready” meaning they are appropriate attire for traditional ceremonies being held in Temple, so you can feel comfortable and focus on the love being celebrated on that special evening. These gowns come to the floor, have high-necks and high-backs, and are also sleeved. They offer classic styles and styles that are trend-forward, all while being perfect for respecting the holiness and purity of traditional marriage. A dynamic statement of who you are, our modest wedding dresses represent your beliefs while letting your true beauty shine.


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