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There are so many details when wedding planning that are seemingly small but are incredibly important for the proper execution of your special day. It's so exciting doing all of the fine tuning for that big day because it is a sign that you are in the home stretch of planning and before you know it it'll be time for that magical moment! Picking up your wedding dress whether from the bridal boutique or the seamstress after your final fitting is such a monumental experience and it also can be a bit intimidating to consider that you now have to figure out how to store this garment that is undoubtedly one of the most special that you will wear in your lifetime. Don't worry, it's one of those details that seems small but is incredibly important, and we are here to help you so that you can be one step closer to the wedding of your dreams!

A little more thought goes into storing your wedding gown than just any other piece of everyday clothing you may wear. When you think about it, a lot probably went into you choosing your wedding gown, it being made and then the final alterations to make it perfect for you. So it is of course understandable that you'd want to ensure it is well kept until your ceremony. Wedding dresses come in many different fabrics and designs, which means they can require different storage conditions. Before you do anything, we would recommend asking your bridal boutique or alterations specialist how they would suggest storing the gown or if there are any other specific instructions you should adhere to when storing your particular gown.

The main things to keep in mind when storing your wedding gown are to keep it somewhere dark, cool and dry, hang it safely with a tool designed for the task, and use a breathable cover to hold it inside. You'll want to keep it in a dark, cool and dry place because sunlight especially can be incredibly damaging to your dress. It tends to prematurely age the color of the gown, and no one wants that prior to their big day! Keep it away from other clothes that might be dirty to prevent odor transfer, both of these tips can ensure your dress will not fade/change color or develop any condensation that could ultimately create mold. Using a tool designed for hanging heavier or more delicate items is the best plan of action for storing your wedding dress. It is important to utilize the ribbons sewn inside the gown to actually hang the dress by as opposed to its straps, as you don't want them to stretch out especially after being carefully altered to be perfect for that special day. It may even be ideal to lay some really delicate dresses flat if it will need to be stored for a significant amount of time prior to the wedding. Keeping the gown covered is one of the most important factors to storing your wedding dress, and we highly recommend using a breathable garment bag in order to do so. Never use one made of plastic for longer than is required for potentially transporting it to avoid condensation building.

We know that this is a piece of clothing, but a wedding dress- YOUR wedding dress, is more than your everyday dress you hang in your closet. It's typically heavier and made with more refine and delicate materials than your everyday clothes, so it just requires a little extra TLC for maintaing it in perfect condition for your big day. You'll be thankful on the day of that you took the time to care for your dress properly and it can also give you some extra peace of mind and one less thing to worry about to know you've taken all the steps necessary to store your dress properly.

Don't forget you should always be able to reach out to the bridal boutique that you purchased your gown at to ask any questions regarding your gown, they are the experts and they want your gown to be as perfect as you do for your big day.

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