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Congratulations; you're engaged! Get ready to venture on the exciting journey that is wedding planning, one of the first steps into the next chapter of your new life with your partner! Amongst all of the emotions and excitement, there is much to consider when planning a wedding and one of the most important (and special) parts will be wedding dress shopping. Having your wedding dress selected early on in the process allows for all of the other details that will come along to go that much more smoothly. You'll essentially be able to plan the rest of your wedding around this like picking out your overall theme, decorations, photographer and other vendors.

Wedding dress shopping is arguably one of the more exciting parts of wedding planning, come on, who wouldn't be excited by gorgeous wedding gowns?! While it is incredibly exciting, it also is a really important decision for many different reasons, and because of its importance it can help to be prepared for what to expect and what we suggest as professionals for when you do embark on wedding dress shopping.


This can be as simple as jumping on google and typing in "wedding dress stores near me" which will provide you with a selection of boutiques in your area that sell wedding dresses. If you are in the Cincinnati/NKY area then the Reading Bridal District website is also a phenomenal resource. From this list we recommend two main things when considering each store: look at their reviews, and look at their inventory to see if its similar to what you are interested in trying on. Most bridal stores will have their inventory on their website and/or their social media. Reviews should also be readily accesible for brides to consider. Once you have narrowed down potential shops, we also recommend looking to see what their price-range is as well so as to ensure it is in alignment with your pre-set budget.


Once you have done your research and narrowed down the stores you would like to try on wedding dresses at we do recommend making appointments and recieving confirmation for booking. Having an appointment booked will make it so that you can avoid long wait times or potential lack of availability to try-on. Walk-in's are not always guaranteed and it's never a fun experience to be dissapointed when you hoped to be able to start trying on wedding gowns for your very special day. To avoid this and any similar circumstances we highly encourage booking appointments and making sure to receive confirmation with the date and time of your scheduled appointment as well. We don't recommend more than two appointments in one day, three at the most, as each can be nearly ninety minutes long and you'll try on a variety of gowns at each appointment.


Choosing a wedding dress is a very special, and big, decision. Because of how big of decision it is, it makes so much sense that brides would want to include some of their most important people with them when they go shopping! We know you'll probably want to bring as many of your people as possible but we do recommend checking to see if the boutiques you are booked at have guest limits and we do strongly encourage limiting your entourage to about 5 people so as to not overwhelm yourself with too much additional input when selecting your wedding dress. While our people can be incredibly helpful, this is YOUR wedding dress, and you deserve to feel good throughout the entire process of selecting it and even long after! No matter who you decide to bring, get ready for a fun and exciting time looking for the dress to say "YES!" to!


On the evening prior to wedding dress shopping we strongly encourage you to get a full nights rest. Trying on wedding dresses can be both mentally and physically exhuasting because of the work going into getting in and out of gowns and the sentiment behind the experience. Resting allows you to better enjoy the time spent on your search for your dream dress and helps enable a clear decision. Don't forget to shower, deodorize and eat the morning of your appointments as you'll be getting in and out of a number of wedding gowns and be best prepared for the day with a cleansed and fueled body! Our last tip is to try and have fun with the day! Fun little things like coordinating outfits for your crew or crew signs used to "rate" the dresses can elevate an experience, and making sure you have some time between appointments to breathe and refuel your body.


If you are ready to say "YES!" to the dress then check out our website where you can see a majority of our inventory, keep up with latest events, read our tips & tricks on our blog or book your own wedding dress try-on appointment! Also make sure to follow us on social media like TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest for in-depth and behind the scenes looks at everything we have to offer at BoChic Bridal Boutique. We can't wait to help you on your journey to say yes to your dream dress!


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