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Just as important as it is that you research what bridal shops/where you want to go wedding dress shopping, figuring out when you should start shopping is a very important piece of information to know, as well! All brides want to be able to have the most efficient, detail oriented and thorough wedding dress shopping experiences possible. They would ideally like to have as many opportunities to find a gown that fits all of the criteria they are looking for in their dream dress.

When do you think brides should begin wedding dress shopping?





The correct answer?! 9 months to 1 year prior! Brides should begin wedding dress shopping as early as 9 months to a year out from their set wedding date for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason that you want to start your search this early is because most brand new wedding gowns are made-to-order and/or custom made by their designers and teams! This ensures that each bride is recieving the latest and greatest quality gowns as more attention to detail can be paid in the design and manufacturing process. This also creates less enviornmental waste as a whole as well which is important for designers and bridal shops alike to be mindful of.

Another reason why brides may want to begin their search this early is so that they don't feel limited or pressured in any way when they are shopping for their gowns. Allowing yourself 9 months to a year prior to your wedding date to go shopping gives you more access to a wider variety of options to choose from that still meet all of the criteria for your dream dress! And who wants to be limited when they're searching for the dress of their dreams for one of the most special days of their life?!

In order to maximize your search for your dream dress, the best time to begin shopping is 9 months to a year prior to the wedding date. This time frame allows brides to feel less pressure, more comfort and security while looking, and to not have their options limited as much. Every bride wants the best oppurtunity to find something that meets all of their requirements and makes them feel like themselves and the most beautiful on their wedding day. Following this recommend timeline creates this best oppurtunity for that possible. So check those calenders and get to booking. Like booking with us here at BoChic Bridal Boutique! We can't wait to help you!

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