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Updated: Mar 18, 2023


You are one of a kind! Your relationship and your engagement both are as individual and personally unique as you are! Well, it's the year 2023 and the amount of possibilities that exist to make your special day even that much more special? Are virtually limitless! There are so many ways that you can add different fun or sentimental elements to your ceremony or reception in order to make it feel more unique and true to who you are. We have decided to break down some of our favorite new ways that we have seen engaged couples are making their wedding day even more dynamic.


This idea is brilliant to incorporate at the beginning of dinner! What a couple would do is ask a trivia question about themselves to their guests once everyone is sat and the first table who guesses correctly gets to be the first in line to get food from their buffet style spread! This cute little party game gets everyone involved and kicks off dinner.


We are absolutely in love with this idea. For this concept what would happen is as guests are arriving to the venue for the ceremony, they would pick up a program that has a bag of confetti OR sparklers included! After the ceremony, as the bride and groom are walking back down the aisle together, the guests then have the opportunity to throw the confetti on the couple, or hold up the sparklers for them, definitely making for some absolutely epic photographic memories! A great way to get everyone involved and creatively celebrate together the first walk together as a married couple!


I think we all know that traditionally speaking, this role is filled by the Flower Girl or Ring Bearer. Typically this would be a young lady and young man whom of which is a loved one or relative of the bride and groom. That doesn't always fit the ambiance or true nature of the engaged couple, or maybe they simply don't have someone for that specific role. Brides & Grooms all over are opting for all different kinds of Flower People and Ring Bearers in order to personalize their day even further. Whether it's a brother, grand-parent, or even a special pet! You can work together with your event coordinator or wedding planner to make this element unique and fitting for you.


This is one of our favorite ways that we have seen some amazing couples are choosing to incorporate their guests into their big day. One person, someone designated to this task, will take any opportunity that there is downtime in the transitionary moments of the wedding and record guests sending a special send off to the bride and groom for them to view after the day is over. You can also have a specific area set up with a video camera as a booth that guests can stop at during the reception specifically for this. Videos from before the bride comes down the aisle to after the ceremony into the reception and for the rest of the night, guests are asked to just share a word for the couple. It's such a beautiful, special and often funny way to celebrate that big day.


Whether its a video guest book set up so that your guests can send you well wishes on your big day, or confetti programs where they get to send you off in a parade of glitz and glimmer which is sure to create some stunning memories on photo, there really is no limit to how you can make your day more special and uniquely personalized for you and your loved ones. Which of these do you think you might want to add to your special day?! Follow our Instagram for more tips and fun wedding insights!

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