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Booking at BoChic Bridal: Everything you need to know about booking an appointment at one of the Knot’s top rated bridal salons!


BoChic Bridal Boutique is a woman-owned and operated small business

in the heart of the Reading Bridal District. Established in 2017 by Manal

Shteiwi, BoChic strives to give each of our brides an experience that is as

dynamic and unique as they are. From the calm and modern atmosphere

to the authentically friendly, client-focused staff, BoChic Bridal Boutique

is a complete wedding gown shopping experience that you absolutely

want to include on your must-visit bridal shop list!

Here’s what you can expect from the moment you begin inquiring about booking an appointment with us here at BoChic Bridal Boutique!

Appointment Booking: We are a smaller, more intimate boutique, whose goal is to always keep our brides experience at the top of our priority list. Because of this, we have chosen to be appointment-only. Our primary motive behind being appointment-only is so that we can give each bride a personalized shopping experience that is free of external distractions or limitations. We are able to guarantee you a stylist that will work one-on-one with you and your group throughout your time with us, a private room for changing, and a comfortable, spacious, open area for your loved-ones to view you come out in each gown. We only take one or two appointments at a time so as to be able to ensure all of these things, along with not overwhelming you or your loved ones while you are in.

Walk-In Policy: Brides who have not booked an appointment are more than welcome to call for walk-in availability, but we can not guarantee that we will have openings. We strongly recommend booking an appointment with us prior to arrival. Our user-friendly appointment booking process is all online, with just one short form that we require to be completely filled out. After submission, someone from the boutique will respond promptly in order to complete your booking process and provide confirmation. Always make sure you receive an appointment confirmation prior to arrival for your appointment.

Bride Experience: When you and your guests arrive for your scheduled appointment time, you will be warmly greeted by one of our talented bridal-consultants who will devote their time to you one-on-one. They will bring you all to your designated seating area, allow you to put your things down and get comfortable before your consultant takes the bride over to where we have our over 150 unique bridal styles! From designers like Martin Thornburg and Cizzy Bridal We do ask, if there is another group in the boutique, that the families remain seated while the consultant picks out gowns with the bride. This ensures the focus is on helping each bride pick out gowns that especially meet their specific hopes and vision. We usually start with about five gowns so that you don’t get overwhelmed and are able to truly decide what you like and dislike about each gown. As you try on and are finding out more in depth about what you want, your consultant will remove gowns and pull more for you as-needed. You will be brought out to stand on a pedestal in front of a grand mirror in each gown that you desire to show your loved ones, all while your consultant actively listens to ensure they provide you clear answers and information for any questions and to best be able to assist you on your search. You can try on things like veils or jewelry and headpieces, or just stare at how amazing you’ll look in each gown! Whatever we can do that will make you most comfortable and truly help you envision yourself on your very important day is what we are here to do our best to make happen.

Saying “YES!” to the Dress: We hope that during your time with us you are able to fall in love with a gown that feels like it was made especially for you and that you feel as though your consultant truly cared and considered what you had to say/want throughout their time assisting you. If the stars align and your dream dress is here, you can trust that we will work hard to help you find it! One of our favorite and most fulfilling parts of this industry is the moment when a bride says yes to the dress! To be able to help you find one of the most precious items of clothing you’ll own in your life? Priceless. When that does happen, your consultant will bring you back to your private fitting room and take measurements prior to stepping out and letting you change back into your clothes. Once you are all changed, you will come up front and meet with an associate to go over your personalized contract. Sizing will be gone over with you along with the details of your contract. At this time we can also answer any additional questions or concerns you may have. Once you have finalized all your paperwork and payment has been tendered, we then always ask if our brides want to take Say Yes to the Dress pictures in front of our backdrop with our “YES!” sign! We follow back and tag all of our brides on social media, because we LOVE to keep up with all of their wedding planning leading up to that special day and get to see their gorgeous pictures afterwards! Brides who choose not to say yes will still have their information and all of their favorite items written down and kept on file!


Don't forget to consider BoChic Bridal Boutique when you begin your search for your dream dress! We can't wait to assist you!

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